Friday, February 17, 2017

Minimum Win Requirement Proposal

One thing I want to revisit this season is the MWR.  We have let a few folks slide over the past couple seasons in consideration that they were new owners and needed to arrange things how they wanted in season one.  Plus, HBD has gotten harder to fill.    I have been thinking about this over the past few days.  Here is my current idea:

All teams must win 54 games in any season or the owner is subject to being asked to leave.  Any two years in a row with less than 60 wins is an automatic expulsion (no exceptions).   However, every owner must win a minimum of 72 games in one of the next two seasons following any season where the 54 game minimum is missed.  

Or, a simple spend $60M on ML salaries or win 60 rule can apply to everyone. That way if you can win over 60 games without spending a lot of money then you can benefit.  

Or, just leave it like it is and make exceptions case by case

Please TC me with your thoughts. Once we discuss, I will put out a poll/vote to any changes we make for this season and beyond.

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